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Creative Storytelling

What Makes Creative Storytelling Different?

Almost all movies are about telling stories. Yet, few of the films seen on the big screen manage to do it in fresh and new ways. Instead, you are more likely to see creative storytelling in digital content formats.

One reason for this is that the big Hollywood studios invest tens of millions of dollars on each major film. While this has the potential to make them great profits, it also makes it so that a mistake can cost them those millions. This makes Hollywood producers very reluctant to try new things. Instead, they take the safe – but boring – route of trying to replicate past hits. The result is a gray sea of unoriginal content.

Digital content, on the other hand, doesn't cost nearly as much to produce. If a streamed video bombs, it probably won't put a giant dent in the content maker's budget. Videos that go out over YouTube are even less risky since uploading to that site is free. In fact, a video on a channel that has a decent amount of subscribers is almost sure to make money as long as the producer didn't go hog-wild with costly props or special effects. That's because YouTube pays a part of its ad revenue to content creators.

Because of this, people are far more willing to engage in creative storytelling when they make digital content. There is almost no chance of huge losses, but high chances of getting at least some profit. Of course, a video can even be a big hit, and make a large amount of revenue.

Even though some people still think that digital content is all about games and sports, the fact is that women entertainment is also a huge genre. That said, the form it takes can be very different depending on the platform. On a streaming platform like Netflix, you can expect to see some fairly traditional women entertainment like dramas and romcoms. Creative storytelling applies mostly to these shows, which are dedicated to telling stories rather than education.

However, if you switch over to YouTube, some of the women's channels that have the most views are often make-up influencers or media and music reaction channels. Travel shows can also be hits. These don't aim to tell a single story, but over time, the people associated with them become familiar to fans and tidbits about their lives are very welcome to viewers.

Whether you use digital content to reduce the risk of creative storytelling or to expand your possibilities in terms of genre, good production quality is key. Consult with a professional producer to get the help you need to make your video content excellent.

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