Commissioned by Sesame Street, this lively, live-action spot follows

7-year-old Pilar as she spends the day learning about photography from her Uncle Miguel. 

Director: Jamie Sisley

Writers: Felecia Hunter, Jamie Sisley

Producer: Felecia Hunter

Stars: Sofia Esmaili, Simon Marin Rivas

Genre: Live Action Short

The fan demanded sequel to the award-winning, internationally distributed 2005 short film 'Dare'. Ben and Johnny, now in their early 30's, fortuitously run into each other at a party in LA after not seeing each other since high school, where they shared one slightly dangerous, very sexy, boundary-pushing night in a swimming pool.

Is their connection still alive, and what do they do about it?

Director: Adam Salky

Screenwriter: David Brind

Producers: David Brind, Felecia Hunter

Stars: Michael Cassidy, Adam Fleming

Genre: Drama


In this crafty comedy, GLADYS BROWN, the mainstay of her company, formulates a brilliant plan for one-upmanship when she gets passed over for advancement.

Director: Chad Scarborough

Screenwriters: Felecia Hunter and Chad Scarborough

Producer: Felecia Hunter

Stars: Anna Maria Horsford, Bill Dawes, Ellie Lee

Genre:  Comedy


July 16th, 1969: America prepares to launch Apollo 11. Thousands of kilometers away, a ragtag group of Zambian exiles is trying to beat America to the Moon.

Director: Frances Bodomo

Screenwriter: Frances Bodomo

Executive Producers: Felecia Hunter, Matthew Shields, Akosua Adoma Owusu

Producers: Isabella Wing-Davey

Stars: Diandra Forrest, Yolonda Ross, Hoji Fortuna 

Genre:  Drama


In a war-ravaged Middle Eastern neighborhood,
a musician struggles to rebuild his piano after it is destroyed by terrorists.

Director: Jimmy Keyrouz

Screenwriter: Jimmy Keyrouz

Producers: Felecia Hunter, Marc Fadel

Cast: Tarek Yaacoub, Karim Zein, Julian Farhat

Genre:  Drama


An African family, lost in America, travels to a Louisiana church to cure their problem child.

Director: Frances Bodomo

Screenwriter: Frances Bodomo

Executive Producers: Felecia Hunter, Deepak Ravindran

Producers: Alana Pryor Ackerman, Shruti Ganguly

Stars: Quvenzhané Wallis, Caroline Idakula, Playshena Rose Thomas

Genre:  Drama


Overwhelmed with grief, Elaine is haunted by her mother's ghost — or is it her own conscience?

Director: Desha Dechaun

Screenwriter: Tina Huang

Executive Producers: Tina Huang, Karla Mosley

Producer: Felecia Hunter

Stars: Tina Huang, Karla Mosley, Cici Lau, Jim Lau 

Genre: Drama