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¡Pleibol! In the Barrios and the Big Leagues

The inspirational story of Juan Baret and how he channeled his passion for baseball into the craftsmanship of bat making when physical limitations, from his time in military service, left him unable to play the sport. Juan's story and custom-made bats are featured in the Smithsonian's exhibition:

¡Pleibol! In the Barrios and the Big Leagues

En los barrios y las grandes

Director: Felecia Hunter



Commissioned by Sesame Street and broadcast on HBO this live-action spot follows 7-year-old Pilar as she spends the day learning about photography from her Uncle Miguel. 

Director: Jamie Sisley

Writers: Felecia Hunter, Jamie Sisley

Producer: Felecia Hunter

Stars: Sofia Esmaili, Simon Marin Rivas

Genre: Live Action Short

The fan demanded sequel to the award-winning, internationally distributed 2005 short film 'Dare'. Ben and Johnny, now in their early 30's, fortuitously run into each other at a party in LA after not seeing each other since high school, where they shared one slightly dangerous, very sexy, boundary-pushing night in a swimming pool.

Is their connection still alive, and what do they do about it?

Director: Adam Salky

Screenwriter: David Brind

Producers: David Brind, Felecia Hunter

Stars: Michael Cassidy, Adam Fleming

Genre: Drama


Student Academy Award Winner about a brilliant young pianist struggling to survive in his war-ravaged Middle Eastern neighborhood after his piano is destroyed by terrorists.

Director: Jimmy Keyrouz

Screenwriter: Jimmy Keyrouz

Producers: Felecia Hunter, Marc Fadel

Cast: Tarek Yaacoub, Karim Zein, Julian Farhat

Genre:  Drama


July 16th, 1969: America prepares to launch Apollo 11.
Thousands of kilometers away, a ragtag group of Zambian exiles is trying to beat America to the Moon.

Director: Frances Bodomo

Screenwriter: Frances Bodomo

Executive Producers: Felecia Hunter, Matthew Shields, Akosua Adoma Owusu

Producers: Isabella Wing-Davey

Stars: Diandra Forrest, Yolonda Ross, Hoji Fortuna 

Genre:  Drama


An African family, lost in America, travels to a Louisiana church to cure their problem child.

Director: Frances Bodomo

Screenwriter: Frances Bodomo

Executive Producers: Felecia Hunter, Deepak Ravindran

Producers: Alana Pryor Ackerman, Shruti Ganguly

Stars: Quvenzhané Wallis, Caroline Idakula, Playshena Rose Thomas

Genre:  Drama


Overwhelmed with grief, Elaine is haunted by her mother's ghost — or is it her own conscience?

Director: Desha Dechaun

Screenwriter: Tina Huang

Executive Producers: Tina Huang, Karla Mosley

Producer: Felecia Hunter

Stars: Tina Huang, Karla Mosley, Cici Lau, Jim Lau 

Genre: Drama

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