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Television Programming

The Many Aspects of Television Programming

In television programming, video production is often handled not by one producer, but an entire team of them. One reason for this is that there can be multiple segments per show, all shot in different locations and featuring different people. In that case, each segment typically gets its own producer, aptly called a segment producer. Each segment may also get its own field producer, depending on whether it is shot in or outside of the studio. These can all report to a supervising producer or a producer of a higher rank.

Other types of television programming may not be as involved, but still require a good amount of production work. Video production involves getting people, sets, lighting, and more in order. This can be an involved process, especially if anything fancy is involved. The set of Jeopardy is a good example of something that is more complex than it initially seems. Before each show, it has to be tested to make sure that each contestant's buzzer works, the various parts light up as they should, and that the hints are hidden or showing at the right times.

As these examples show, video production requires far more than pointing a camera at a scene and giving the actors a signal. Because of this, a good production team is essential for success. If you're considering making any kind of video, consider hiring a company to handle this work. Then, you can concentrate on the on-camera aspects, knowing that everything has been properly set up to produce the best possible effects. You also won't have to worry about embarrassing set failures when you're on camera.

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