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Video Marketing

Making Your Video Marketing Really Pop

In recent years, you have surely noticed that the quality of advertising videos on YouTube has increased greatly. At the site's start, most ads looked like they were filmed on someone's cheap mobile phone and sounded about the same. While it was nice to see that even amateurs were able to put up a video ad, the ads themselves hardly motivated people to buy. Then, about five or so years ago, that changed. Video marketing began to look like it was coming from movie studios, with excellent clarity and composition. What happened?

The main thing that happened was the advent of the video production service. It uses movie studio-like equipment and production techniques to make video ads. High-quality cameras that are actually engineered for movie-making, excellent microphones, stage lighting, expert scripting, and more are all brought to bear for these projects.

It would seem like these ads would be too expensive for the average advertiser, but in reality, many of them are very affordable. One reason for this is that the producers and directors of these ads know how to minimize or hide the fact that the budget is small. If you've ever seen an ad where one person stands at a clean white table and gives a sales pitch, you've seen a low-budget ad. There is only one actor and hardly any props. Yet, due to the cleanliness of the room and the brightness of the lights, it doesn't seem "cheap" like the old ads did.

Costs can get even lower with video advertising. Some ads just have a voiceover along with an animation of things being written or drawn with a pen. No humans are shown, so no actors' bills arise. While these do look a bit low-budget, they are still clear and have good audio.

On the other end of the spectrum, video marketing can be as expensive as regular TV advertising. In fact, in many cases, the exact same ads are shown on the TV as are on YouTube. These are typically produced for big multi-billion dollar companies like those in the automobile business or the beer industry. However, they can also be commissioned by local companies whose TV ad arm involves local advertising rather than national.

Another unique form of moviemaking is educational video production. It used to be hard to get educational movies made because they don't sell tickets in theaters. Now, however, there are many more markets for educational films – and many, many more types of these movies. YouTube has been the main driver of this change, and thanks to the help of video production service companies, they are following the same trend of improvement as the ads.

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